Monday, August 5, 2013

"Use-Full" Test Cases for Mobile App like: Call, GPS, Network, Orientation, Sound, Lock/Unlock

GPS in background application can get or locate the location through app in background only for some time .

application in foreground can update location everytime and the symbol of GPS will be displayed every time.

if location service is off for a particular app from settings than a message should be displayed for the user to “ON” the Gps from settings.
call in foreground application will be immediately get in background as soon as call comes and if user receives the call and than run the application the design of the application should not be disturbed.

in background same applies
application should give proper message to the user when ever there is no network.

application should detect the network automatically as network comes.
as per requirement of the client we should check the orientation of application.

UI should be clear in both the orientation.
audio file in background when user is playing an audio file and make the app in background than file sound should get stop. And when again user have to play the file when come back in foreground.
application in background application should be get stopped it activity or any service hit in background.
sound activity if device in silent mode when device is in silent mode than the application sound should not be heared.
lock and unlock device
if user lock the device and than unlock than check the behaviour of the application .

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