Monday, August 5, 2013

What is Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are messages that are sent to users who have opted in to receive them.
Notification’ means providing information.

Activity Test Cases:
Notification in foreground when notification comes in foreground than the notificaton will display directly on app.

background when notification comes and device is locked , if user open the device with sliding the notification than the application should get launch.

when notification comes and device is not locked than the notification comes in banner if user click on the banner than the application launch and if user is unable to click on banner than the notification with showed in the notification tray. From the notification tray user can click on the notification and user can move to the application.

when notification and user didn't click on banner than the notification count should get updated on the icon of the application.


Kumar Prakash said...

If any know any test cases about Notifications then share your information.

Steve Paul said...

you can try this mass notifications as it is generic and fully optimized.